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Les Amis d’Hubert

Created in 2017



15 days - November 5-19,2017

Our positive impact

Les Amis d’Hubert aims at locally re-creating social cohesion between generations that have been weakening in Western societies over the past decades and more especially targeting populations that are isolated due to age, dependency or disability. Plus the project Les Amis d’Hubert guarantees trust to caregivers without being helped nor medicalised.The evolution of modern Western societies and retirement pensions appearing after Second Word War led generations to be freer one to another. In France it has become very rare to encounter three generations of a same family living under the same roof.This situation has advantages but disadvantages too. Grand-parents when retired are not here anymore to take care of the little ones which leads to many parents’ common issue of baby sitting and day care. Growing old and dependency appearing, grandparents are very often isolated, active and working parents not living in the same place cannot take care of their own parents and when the case logistics may be very difficult.In France 11 million people are caregivers of a family member and 77% out of them do not use professional home help. Those people tend to be exhausted and at the fringe of nervous breakdown. Caregivers need time off.It is observed that society is cut in two parts of people: people who are well and enjoy life and the other ones, invisible, who are dependent, disabled or old and who result to be on the fringe of society. Those two parts are disconnected. Les Amis d’Hubert has the ambition of reconnecting those two parts of society and implicating all kind of people and generations.

What do we do

Les Amis d’Hubert is building a peer-to-peer marketplace that will promote trust and mutual benevolence beyond mere care services thanks to a few process innovations: - It will have to properly validate the peers applying to participate in the action thanks to personal profiles and motivations in compliance with a charter of values - It will have to match people from different generations according to social and cultural criteria that will help create real connections between people. - A one-stop service from people matching to payment functionalities, which is easily scalable nationwide

Why we need you

The web plateform is to become live during November and webmarketing plan must be put into place at that particular moment so as to ensure the right communication with good impact. I have very rudimentary knowledge about webmarketing and the future applicant will surely bring great added value to Les Amis d’Hubert project.

A real challenge in 15 days : Setting up the web marketing plan for Les Amis d’Hubert : · Identifying the right channels and choosing the appropriate communication and tools · Setting up the tools : Google Adwords, etc · Identifying and choosing the appropriate metrics · Setting up the web marketing calendar · Mini-Training on how to use the right tools and hacks 😉 · If we have time, testing one action would be great !

Equipment we can provide:
I cannot provide with any equipment. The traveler will have to bring his own laptop.

Where you will work

I work from home or at the library 10 minutes away from home as it is quiet and free


Your future team


1 people in the team

32 years old in average

100% 0%

100% speak English

A very small team : I’m working on my own so I’ll be dedicated to you :) I’m not great with mornings so I’m not a fan of early starts. But if you want to start early, I’m ok with it 😊 I can be very focused so if you need to be focused too, you won’t be interrupted 😉 I also like to chill and have a drink after a good day of work chatting about everything.


Founder & CEO

Team values

Sharing the same values within a team is important to trust each other on making the right decisions and on feeling well with each other.
Our values are

  • BENEVOLENCE : Being benevolent

  • OPEN-MINDEDNESS : being open-minded

  • FUN : Never taking yourself seriously are three important values to my mind for a good working atmosphere and dynamic and have fun.

Your host


Founder & CEO

The traveller will enjoy my own 34 square-meter flat to himself/herself. It has a bedroom, a living room, a kitchen, a bathroom and toilets. It’s my home sweet home : It’s fully furnished and very comfortable and I’ll count on you to take care of it as it were yours 😊

Your own studio apartment

Distance from Paris Center: 25min by metro

Distance from workplace: 10min walking

Metro nearby: Pereire (metro 3)