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Created in 2017

#Graphic design


15 days - November 5-19,2017

Our positive impact

At-home child care is a vital yet controversial sector due to the lack of a real educational project. Gribouilli ('doodle' or 'scribble' in French) is a charity founded by nanies whose goal is to improve their professionalization.

What do we do

1- One-to-one coaching and workshops to foster professionalism and guide the professional nanies whithout diplomas towards training. 2- Our online platform adds value to each nanie's career path and fosters their employability.

Why we need you

Our visual corporate identity and graphic charter are not completely set while we are developing infographics and other communication tools (marketing or popularization of content).

We need drawings of each element that are key to symbolizing the project to illustrate our communication tools (for example: newborn, child, couple, nany, park, games library, city hall, city, ...). We have set the color code and graphic style (pencil stroke on a white background ; joyful, positive and friendly drawings).

Equipment we can provide:
One Acer laptop with part-time availability; no specific software for drawing available.

Where you will work

We work where we live... The living room is our coworking space (4 seats, 2 couches)


Your future team


3 people in the team

31 years old in average

100% 0%

67% speak English

We are a family team (litteraly). We have a lot in common: openness on the world, a sense of sharing, the desire to improve, a determined mindset. Nevertheless, we have very different personalities and we always challenge each other's ideas. Zero stress and a lot of hysterical laughter despite the heavy workload. You are cordially invited to join us in that spirit ;) From a cultural standpoint, and depending on what you want, we can make you discover the touristic side of Paris, but also the Paris of the Africans' community (and other communities as well) as we are of Senegalese origin.

Maïmonatou (Maï) Mar

Founder & PR Manager

Team values

Sharing the same values within a team is important to trust each other on making the right decisions and on feeling well with each other.
Our values are

  • RESPECT : Everybody deserves respect as everybody carries the beauty of our humanity.

  • SOLIDARITY : Solidarity is vital and enriches even the one spreading out the help.

  • POSITIVE ATTITUDE : Last but not least, we must remain positive!

Your host

Maïmonatou (Maï) Mar

Founder & PR Manager

We only have a convertible sofa bed :s but highly comfortable (spoken by an amazing Airbnb host who will make you experience the true meaning of 'Teranga'). Living room with shades, TV with international channels. The living room is yours from 11pm to 8am. We will do all the cooking and you will have the opportunity to taste a few exotic dishes if you wish to. We cater to specific dietary needs. We live in a dynamic and multicultural neighborhood, well connected by public transportation (subway, bus and tramways very soon).

Living room couch

Distance from Paris Center: 25min by metro

Distance from workplace: 0min

Metro nearby: Guy-Môquet (metro 13)