MiniBonds (french brand = MiniCautions)

Created in 2018

#Web development


15 days - November 5-19,2017

Our positive impact

This project is a service in Sustainable Finance, that has been created to help social businesses to access to credit by providing them the security requested by the banks. Indeed, in France the Bank do not lend money if you do not have enough guarantee, so they ask companies to buy a guarantee pledge from an Organism (but they are expensive and not interested in social business so do not accept often) or they ask the founders to pledge their personnal belongings as security for the loan. But they don't always have enough personnal money, otherwise they wouldn't ask for credit. So because of this problem, 1 social business out of 3 disappears...

What do we do

MiniBonds is a Crowdbonding platform : it gathers enough mini-guarantees from private individuals to reach the minimum Total garantee requested by the bank to lend money to the social business. Each garantee is named "bond" ("caution" in french). Everybody who is over 18 can be a mini-Garantor for a social business, starting with 50€! And no need to give any cash - Money is requested to the garantors ONLY if the business goes bankrupt.

Why we need you

I have created myself the platform with wordpress, but it's soooo basic whereas the service is super innovative! And the launch of the MVP is planed on early décember with an event in the Palais Brongniart, organized by my supporters (France Fintech, Finance Innovation and the Lab). It will be great as the place is amazing and their communication capacity is high, but my platform is not finished, and not good enough for such an event with all eyes on it ; I need the MVP to be a success, otherwise i will never find investors to really start scaling the project up and give it a real chance. I need webdeloppement ressources to create the innovative plugins i've imagined, otherwise i will have to manage the workflows in a much more "artisanal" way :-) !!!

My need is to developp a few fonctionnalities to the website. I'm not an expert, i struggled to do the first version with wordpress, but what i need should be easy for a webdeveloper ; the question is how much is reasonnable in 2 weeks ? (to be discussed ! Plus Paris is so beautiful that the Packer should not spend all day indoor :) ) - Increase the speed of the website - Print on the screen the number of garantees collected for each projects - generate a contract from the datas collected in (the form that collects data already exists) - Plug a solution of online signing for contracts - Add new fonctionalities to the user accounts (see their garantee contracts, ..) - Automatise the process (e-mails/forms..)

Equipment we can provide:
Basically, i don’t have extra material to provide (except i have an extra Mac BookPro if really necessary, that i use at home for movies)

Where you will work

This is a Coworking Space, with 4 nice large tables of 8 (basically 4 teams of 2 or 2 teams of 4) and 2 larges offices with bigger social start-up. We are in the former Stock-exchange of Paris, so this a a wonderful old building on the outside, modern in the inside - with a fridge and a micro-wave.


Your future team


5 people in the team

35 years old in average

60% 40%

90% speak English

My 5 teammates are only « supporters » or experts who dedicate some time or expertise aside their full time job. So 35 is my age and the average age in the Lab where MiniBOnds is incubated is 30.60% is the percantage of girls among the coLabs in the coworking space. My team is Myself, but I have a Mentor in the Coworking space, and the coworkers are all social businesses, so we face the same issues, and we share recommandations, training, lunches and laughts ! I am fully understanding with flexibility, and very easy going. I can't talk before my morning coffea but you'll have to make me stop talking after !! :) My favorite quote is "follow the music", which has nothing to do with work except that life is a music that we all have to learn playing together in harmony (and fun). working together is the same :)

Marion Nibourel

founder of MiniBonds

Team values

Sharing the same values within a team is important to trust each other on making the right decisions and on feeling well with each other.
Our values are

  • Interact with kindness with others

  • Keep your freedom in mind, body and soul.

  • Follow your engagements in Life ; be active, make your choices and act upon them, it will give a sense to your life and make you be responsible for it.

Your host

Marion Nibourel

Still the MiniBoss

An entire Flat ! 30M2, with one living-room with kitchen, 1 bathroom and a bedroom with a double-bed. I can let my flat as i will be living at my boyfriend’s place just the street next to the flat ! so i will never be far away, so we can spend time together also to show you nice places in Paris or going out with us on the week end / only if you’re up to of course ! In other words, you’ll be indepedant but not alone, which should be a great to balance for you  Although the first night, if you arrive on the 11th, you will be sleeping in the same flat as me (90M2), in a guestroom (as my flat will be occupied by family), and we’ll cook a nice dinner for your arrival !

Distance from Paris Center:

Distance from workplace: 20

Metro nearby: Nation