Pack Your Skills

Created in 2016

#Web development


15 days - November 5-19,2017

Our positive impact

Our mission is to help each person get to know herself better, understand the context she's in, discover the possibilities she has, and/or take action.

What do we do

We're convinced that, if everybody were fully 'aligned' with themself, they would be more fulfilled and, as a result, would contribute to a more balanced society. Our mission is to help each person get to know themself better, understand the context they are in, discover the possibilities they have, and/or take action. Pack Your Skills gives the opportunity to each person to live an experience in which they test themself, both personnally and professionnally, in a new context. We enables travelers to get involved in projects with positive impact (social startups or charities) to do achieve a mission based on their skills, in exchange for food and accommodation.

Why we need you

We have started in Paris and created volunteering experiences there, but we aim at building an autonomous and international community, all around the world ! Therefore, we want to build a blog to share our story, our vision and our experience more widely.

During 2 weeks, you will help us set up our new blog on wordpress and hosted on our website.

Equipment we can provide:
We can borrow you a MacBook. Not the last one and not the quickest one but if you do not have your computer, it will do the job ;)

Where you will work

Depending on our mood, we like to gather in different places in Paris, be it co-working spaces, cafes or with communities like MakeSense where you can meet and discuss with social entrepreneurs.


Your future team


7 people in the team

25 years old in average

70% 30%

100% speak English

We are a team of volunteers coming from different backgrounds and countries, but all passionate about travel and social entrepreneurship ! At Pack Your Skills we are building a liberated company because we believe it unleashes everyone's initiatives, creativity and responsibility. We are creating the volunteering experiences because we would have loved to use it so we are looking forward to meeting you and living this experience with you !

Maxime de Beauchene


Team values

Sharing the same values within a team is important to trust each other on making the right decisions and on feeling well with each other.
Our values are

  • Caring

  • Sharing

  • Trust

Your host

Anne-Charlotte Guilloux


You will live in a small but cosy appartment in the 11th. It's a very central neighborhood and one of the best location to go out in Paris. Anne-Charlotte has a separate living room with a couch on which you can sleep. She likes to cook and loves eating in general (especially anything with chocolate!). She also likes to sing and she's learning the guitare !

Distance from Paris Center:

Distance from workplace: 13 min walk from hosting place

Metro nearby: Oberkampf