Article 1

Created in 2004



15 days - November 5-19,2017

Our positive impact

Born from the merger of two major associations to fight against inequality of opportunity -Frateli & Passeport Avenir- the new structure works for a society where orientation, success in studies and professional integration do not depend on social origins economic and cultural; for a society where success depends on social ties and civic engagement.

What do we do

The initial observation is that social inequalities and discrimination weigh heavily on young people from lower-income backgrounds. Many talents are braked (or slow down by self-censorship) in their choice of orientation, their studies and their access to employment. Over the years, many programs have been initiated and call on the same levers: to build links and organize meetings between these young people and volunteers from the professional world, eager to share their knowledge and commitment. Nearly 12,000 students and students from modest backgrounds already accompanied by our two associations. For the Pack Your Skills mission, you will be especially in the department C21, which works on the skills of the 21st century : the soft skills

Why we need you

We recently launched a new program #TousEntrepeneurs (in english #AllEntrepreneurs) to help our young people to become entrepreneurs. This is a one year program where they have an accommodation in the city center of Paris, few meetings and workshops regularly and three weekends. These weekends are very important to create the group dynamic and accelerate the development of there program. We already did the launching one in September, we will have a closing one in June 2019 and in between we have an acceleration weekend that will take place from 17 to 19 November 2018 in Paris. We need to value the contribution of the program by creating communication materials that embody the entrepreneurial experience of the participants and value their projects.

Conduct interview of 20 young people carrying entrepreneurial projects and create video that retraces the highlights of this acceleration weekend.

Equipment we can provide:
Canon 760D | Canon 18-55mm Lens | Sony UWP-D11 / K33 Portable Audio HF Kit | omnidirectional lapel microphone | Tripod and Monopod Manfrotto

Where you will work

We work in a building called the elevator. It is a unique and collective place initiated in particular by Article 1 to bring together organizations - associations or others - who work for a better access to the education, the employment and the promotion of the rights of the young people of popular disadvantaged territories. More precisely you will be in an openspace with common area for eating and access to tea / coffee.


Your future team


15 people in the team

28 years old in average

70% 30%

60% speak English

The team is very open, likes to socialize, go out to share a drink and works transversely. On the picture you can see part of our team but also the 20 entrepreneurs who are part of the program #TousEntrepreneurs.

Marine Mellado Ruiz

Entrepreneurship & Innovation Manager

Team values

Sharing the same values within a team is important to trust each other on making the right decisions and on feeling well with each other.
Our values are

  • Benevolence: to accommodate the diversity of points of view

  • Listening: for everyone to feel at home

  • Openness: welcoming constructive criticism and taking initiative

Your host

Marine Mellado Ruiz

Entrepreneurship & Innovation Manager

Double bed in a shared room, curtains, separate living room, bathroom with bathtub, equipped kitchen, washing machine

Distance from Paris Center:

Distance from workplace: 10

Metro nearby: Nation