Wonder Women of the World - WWoW

Created in 2016



15 days - November 5-19,2017

Our positive impact

Empower women through fashion

What do we do

WWoW creates beautiful and ethically-made fashion products to empower women. We design non-leather accessories, and have them made in social workshops in France using eco-friendly materials. For each product, 5% is donated to an NGO empowering women.

Why we need you

We are refocusing our mission on the empowerment of women, and need new material to communicate this message.

We need lifestyle pictures of our products to refresh the image of our website and social networks. Also, new products are coming up and we will need lifestyle and packshot pictures for them. We’re expecting 3 to 5 pictures for each product.

Equipment we can provide:
Canon 70D with a 40-mm objective and a 18-200mm objective

Where you will work

We have our own boutique-workshop at Les Grands Voisins, an amazing place in the heart of Paris. This former hospital brings together entrepreneurs, small charities, artists and refugees/individuals in need of a home to innovate together. It's small but cosy, and we have a common small kitchen with a fridge and microwave.


Your future team


1 people in the team

30 years old in average

100% 0%

100% speak English

Salomé is a solo-entrepreneur. She loves to start the day with some hot yoga- but some days she is lazy. She likes to go with the flow but is always determined to reach her objectives. Last but not least she loves to cook vegan dishes :)

Salomé Dratwa


Team values

Sharing the same values within a team is important to trust each other on making the right decisions and on feeling well with each other.
Our values are

  • Coherence - whatever we do, we know there’s a bigger cause at stake and we are coherent with our mission

  • Creativity - we try to find an alternate way to do things and be resourceful with what we have

  • Curiosity - we try to always be curious, be it with the reason why a project worked or not, or why someone has a behaviour that we didn't expect, so we can move forward together

Your host

Salomé Dratwa


You will live with Salomé in her apartment. Salomé will welcome 2 packers so you will share the room with another packer ! You will have your own single bed (real mattress) and curtains to the windows ! The appartment is located at the heart of Paris, close to all the best spots and has great reviews on Airbnb ;)

Distance from Paris Center:

Distance from workplace: 15min by bike - 30min with public transports (bus or métro + RER)

Metro nearby: Saint-Paul, Bastille, Sully-Morland