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The Curious & The Optimist

Created in 2017



15 days - November 5-19,2017

Our positive impact

We believe people have largely lost their curiosity and a sense of possibility. Most are grinding the amster’s wheel following the rules edicted by a not-so ancient world telling them they were not responsible nor accountable for what is going on.The paradigms have tremendously changed. We’ve enter an era where we need to engage our individual responsability in a large array of topics and consider the impact we have - as a person – on a local as well as global scale.Unless you’ve been resilient, or resistant, curisosity and the sense of possibility are behaviors that education has mainly undone. And sometimes, even if those skills are still boiling somewhere in people, they do not dare or can’t afford (or at least that’s what they think) to use them.We are believer these qualities are a path to more empathy and to ultimately build peace at every level – individual, organisational, global.Our main goal with The Curious & The Optimist is to reignite them to make ourselves a the world a better place.

What do we do

The project was dormant since 2014/15 and we just started again to work on it. We are in a building phase, so we are enquiring on the formats of what we want to propose. Education and trainings are part of our project. We aim to provide systemic tools and methods to reach our goals. Helping people to go from idea to action is also part of the project.

Why we need you

We want to reactivate this project,and start building / consolidating the messages, their diffusion and the digital strategy to activate people interested in participating in it

Our aim with this mission is to build the foundations for our visibility online : - Conceive or refine the overall message, and adapt to the personas - Define personas - Create a digital strategy to create awareness on the project. We will define the objectives together. - Create a system for content curation - Starting to implement the strategy

Equipment we can provide:
I don’t have any equipment that I can provide unfortunately.

Where you will work

At the flat, cohoming (working at other entrepreneur's place), cafés


Your future team


1 people in the team

45 years old in average

100% 0%

100% speak English

"In life nothing is to fear, everyting is to be understood" - Marie Curie. I am 45 but with a "slightly" younger mindset.

Véronique TEURLAY


Team values

Sharing the same values within a team is important to trust each other on making the right decisions and on feeling well with each other.
Our values are

  • Listening, looking for understanding and compassion

  • Challenging the status quo to craft a new sustainable world

  • Fun, because afterwards, this also will pass.

Your host

Véronique TEURLAY


Sofa in a living room, duly appreciated by Airbnb travelers.

Living room couch

Distance from Paris Center: 20min by metro

Distance from workplace: 0min

Metro nearby: Jourdain (metro 11)