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Coding Days

Created in 2017

#Web development


15 days - November 5-19,2017

Our positive impact

Coding Days was created to enable those who wish to learn computer code to do so, regardless of their social and cultural origins.

What do we do

We organize different types of training, from one to six days, to learn how to code. The first training is called “Understanding computer code” and is a first step to discovering code. We have two other trainings for more advanced level : “Creating a showcase website” and “Creating an e-commerce website”.

Why we need you

We already have a website on Wordpress and would like to add some pages.

That’s why we need someone who can code one, two, or more pages with Wordpress, to add to our website. For example, we would like to add a page to talk about our values and a landing page to talk about a new (secret) offer. We don’t know exactly what other pages we might need by November but we can sort it out together. It’s better if you already know Wordpress but we’re open to other programmers who are motivated to learn Wordpress

Equipment we can provide:
We will provide a desk but it would be better if the Packer had his own computer

Where you will work

We work in a coworking space that has a kitchen and a terrace.


Your future team


8 people in the team

23 years old in average

50% 50%

60% speak English

We usually have a snack together at 4pm. We also have unlimited coffee and water :D

Alexandre ZANA


Team values

Sharing the same values within a team is important to trust each other on making the right decisions and on feeling well with each other.
Our values are

  • Be autonomous : being capable of working alone on a subject and find answers to your questions. Interacting with the good person if need be to work with other people on a subject.

  • Transparency : you’re allowed to access all information about the company : accounting, day offs. If you have questions on any matter, we will answer you with transparency :)

  • Always (inter)acting with benevolence : whoever the person, being benevolent means being able to listen to one another and always trying to understand the other’s viewpoint.

Your host

Alexandre ZANA


You will sleep on a the living room couch at Alexandre’s apartment, with curtains at the window.

Living room couch

Distance from Paris Center: 15min by metro

Distance from workplace: 30

Metro nearby: Rue St Maur (metro 3)